PPDPs – reflective questions for practices

  1. How did you develop your PPDP?
        • How did you assess the practice educational needs?
        • What needs did you identify?
        • What activities do you plan to address those needs?
        • What personal development plan issues are contained within the PPDP?
  2. How are you going to use your PHCT as a learning organisation?
    • Cultural change
    • Lifelong learning
    • Learning to learn together
    • Shared beliefs, attitudes, values, norms of behaviour
    • Issues are understood and valued, thinking nurtured, aspiration allowed
    • Continual transformation (change)
        • Communication
        • Teamwork and team support
        • Learning together within the workplace (experiential learning then sharing)
        • Individual and team learning
        • Reflective rather than bureaucratic
        • Active encouragement
        • Embraces change and risk-taking
        • Openness/trust/honesty
        • No blame/shame
        • Protected time
        • Responsive to patient needs
  3. What do you need to develop the process?
        • Mentorship
        • Assessment of educational needs
        • Appraisal
        • Feedback
        • Training
        • Team involvement
        • SEA
        • IT
        • Chronic disease review
        • Successes
        • Challenges
        • Review
  4. Are there any special characteristics of the practice that hinder or help the PPDP process?
  5. How do you make this process include the needs of the individuals in the PHCT?
  6. What would the practice like to change?
  7. What have you learned as a practice from the PPDP process?
  8. What next?
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