Good one-to-one teaching sessions


  1. Good rapport
  2. Attentive, active listening
  3. Some probing questions re feelings, etc
  4. Giving Registrar space to talk
  5. Respect
  6. Setting and seating
  7. Reflection
  8. Process/content
  9. Learner-centred
  10. Progress
  11. Appropriate teaching style, including appropriate use of “lecturing”
  12. Appropriate teaching opportunity
  13. Constructively look at different methods
  14. Look at future teaching
  15. Formal curriculum development
  16. Equals
  17. Learner-centred
  18. Documented objectives, current achievements & future plans
  19. Humour
  20. Mutual homework
  21. Technical quality
  22. Honesty
  23. Clear learning objectives

Things that could be done negatively:

  1. Clarification of learning objectives
  2. Appropriate redefinition of learning objectives
  3. Challenge
  4. Real/relevant problems
  5. Making the Registrar provide the answers
  6. Negotiated objectives

Consider the use of a Registrar Diary so that the Registrar can jot down problems and bring them to each session and a Trainer Diary of the areas covered and agreed objectives for the next session being recorded in this. This would give a good record of areas covered and progress made as well as focusing attention for teaching sessions.

Random Case Analysis

Look at certain issues within this framework, eg:

  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Managing conflict
  • Chronic attender, etc.

Have these “up your sleeve” to use when necessary. Remember to reflect and use open questioning.


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