Take charge of your time


1/3 sleep 1/3 work 1/3 recreation
  • Who is in charge of your sleep?
  • Who is in charge of your free time?

Eliminate time wasters

Time wasters

  • Things – take time to collect
  • Confusion
    • Narrow the choices
    • Use systems
    • Delegate
  • Can’t say no – don’t make spur of the moment decisions
  • Don’t know how to interrupt
  • Dulling sensation – killing sensation kills time
  • Television
  • Using prime time for second rate tasks
  • Untimeliness – pick a time when the other person is relaxed
  • A perfectly clean house
  • Worrying about ageing
  • Staying up late

How to take charge of your time

  • Plan
  • Have a more full calendar – make appointments with yourself
  • Count the cost of what you want to do
  • Take charge of your space
  • Be prepared
  • Be precise
  • Do chore in terms of time
  • Enjoy something in terms of time eg food
  • Preventive time saving
  • Break the body set – hurry sickness
  • Have something to show for your time – child “look what I did”
  • Live for the present moment
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