• Some need more strokes than others
  • Games grow from stroke hunger
  • Can get strokes from reliving previous experiences
  • Need strokes every day
  • Come as the result of relationships – relationships require that time is given to them

Giving strokes

  • Marshmallow throwing – may be too much (and may be our agenda)
  • Awareness – love starts with seeing the others child after handling our own agenda through trackdown

Forms of stroking

  • Eye contact
  • Listen
  • Ask questions
  • Use names (name signposting)
  • Give yourself away
  • Give your name
  • Take a risk with theirs
  • Be a rewarder – do it now!
  • Write to people
  • Plan
  • Don’t allow discounting
  • Don’t be ignored
  • Recognise others have a point of view
  • Loosen up
  • Doers do, tryers try
  • Don’t have too many intentions – actually do one or two
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