Life positions – I’m okay, you’re okay

A set of windows from which we look onto our world – These are perceptions.

I’m not OK, you’re OK:
we are at fault and others are capable.
I’m not OK, you’re not OK:
everyone is at fault.
I’m OK, you’re not OK:
problems are temporary only.
I’m OK, you’re OK:
clear and undistorted view of the world.

This is our existential position (“attitude”). We can use this model to understand that we or others may be viewing through an unhelpful window, and by keeping in mind that a skewed perception may be occurring we can be tolerant of apparent shortcomings.

The OK grid and assertiveness

Disposition diamond

existential life position.
acting in superior, inferior or pessimistic way.
psychological level, often hidden from others.

This would generate 27 variations, but it has been suggested that we may occupy a different position for each place on the diamond.
Attitude +- Behaviour -+ Emotion —


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