This training resource area started as part of a project to integrate information available for GP training by the development of an intranet using the surgery computer network. It has now developed from a practice website into a focused GP education and training resource and a CD-ROM, using the resources and expertise of the North Northumberland Trainer Group, East Cumbria Trainer Group, and many others.

The learning cycle



A new publication for medical educators

A new book will be published in March 2012 to support GP education - THE ESSENTIAL HANDBOOK FOR GP TRAINING AND EDUCATION

It is awesome! Find out more and pre-order it here

536 pages Paperback
ISBN-10 1846195934 ISBN-13 9781846195934



This GP training resource was developed by an association with Well Close Square, the North Northumberland Training Group, the Northumbria Vocational Training Scheme, East Cumbria Vocational Training Scheme, West Cumbria Vocational Training Scheme and GP @ the Northern Deanery at Newcastle, along with lots of other people. Thanks to the contributors who have authored pages.