old lady feeling off

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1900 Friday P.M.

Carer of a little old deaf lady calls.

Gertrude is a bit dizzy and feeling a bit off. She has a past history of a TIA, CVA, MI,, Angina and CA breast. The carer has only known her for three weeks.

Gertrude often feels a bit off, and has been dizzy for a least 50 years but the carer does not know this yet and nor does the doctor.

You are the carer

She is on Warfarin, Atenolol, Isosorbideand a small dose of ACEI. She also takes cod liver oil. multivitamins and nature sleep and has a grumpy manner. Really you only want to cover yourself because you don’t think there is much wrong. So initially you should sound as if you feel she should be seen.

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