Child Protection

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Janet and John have recently transferred into the area withtheir seven children. Information from the previous area indicates that thefamily does not readily attend for medical/health care and they are opposed toprofessional involvement of any kind. The home circumstances are poor, living inrented accommodation. The family appears isolated having moved away fromextended family

John Jr. 17yrs officially left school with a poor educational history.He was unable to cope in mainstream school, attending very little and when hedid his behaviour was both troubled and troublesome.

Sophie 13yrs is a pleasant girl who unlike her brothers has manyfriends but cannot cope in school and is either regularly late or absentcompletely. Both Sophie and her sister Jane 11yrs are ostracised atschool because of poor hygiene and both suffer taunts regarding their schooluniform. Although a more able scholar lately Jane has been copying her sister’spattern of truency.

James 9yrs similarly is a troubled boy. He too is socially andeducationally needy and frequently truants from school. James for some time wasenuretic.

There are three younger children Brian 4yrs, Bruce 3yrs and Kylie9months.  Although the children are within the range of normal developmenttheir speech and social skills are poor.

Issues for Discussion

  • How would you respond to this situation, if this came to your attention within your own agency / department?
  • What if any are the immediate physical effects?
  • Is it likely that there will be any delayed or long term physical effects?
  • Are there likely to be any emotional / behavioural effects?
  • Should this child / young person be referred to Social Services?
  • Would the referral be made because of actual or likely harm or is this a child or young person in need?
  • Are there grounds for a Child Protection Conference, do you think the child / young person would be registered. Alternatively should there be a planning meeting with the parents or a strategy meeting with professionals only? What factors in this case led you to your decision?
  • What agencies / professionals would be involved?
  • What do you think would be the outcome for this child / young person?
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