Alcoholic Mum

94 Woodland Road
London W4

7th July

Dear doctor

I am writing to you for advice on how to deal with my family situation. My mother is an alcoholic and has been for about three years. She will not admit to her problem and actually doesn’t even think she has a problem. She says she drinks merely to help her sleep.

Every night she drinks a bottle of Martini and the other day I found a bottle of sherry hidden in the cupboard that she has been drinking in the day. She used to be of a slight build but now is very fat. She becomes stupid, annoying and clumsy when she is drunk and when she is asleep at night she sometimes laughs and makes noises like a baby.

When I tell her what she is like when she is drunk she becomes angry and doesn’t believe me. I’ve spoken to one of my teachers about this and he could only suggest a social worker. If my Mum thought I had been talking about her she would be very angry.

Recently my father has become ill with a heart disease and has not been able to work full time, therefore we have been short of money. My hum is always saying that she must stop drinking because it is too expensive but whenever she does give up it only lasts a day or so.

I know my Dad is worried but he tries to ignore it and will not admit that we could really do without spending all this money every night.

I am very worried and it annoys my Dad and I for whenever we come in my Mum is usually in bed.

I have a nice room and spend most of my time upstairs but I worry about my Dad. My sister and niece also live with us but do not seem to realise what is happening,

I am frightened she will drink herself to death. I am 14.

Yours faithfully,

Kathleeny Fieldustus.

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