Resource Anchoring

This is a generic process for creating and summoning any resourceful state of physiology at will. It is also known as Resource anchoring. To learn how to set anchors:

  1. Identify a difficult situation in which you would like to be more resourceful.
  2. Identify the resource you want in this situation (eg: confidence, humour, courage etc.), and your best example of having experienced the desired state from your own life (in a situation unrelated to the difficult situation). If you have no such memories, identify someone else who has the desired quality, either in real life or as a fictional character.
  3. Access your chosen resource memory fully associated (V & A) until the desired feeling (K) is experienced. If you use another person for your resource, 2nd position them and ‘as if’ until the desired feeling (K) is experienced. Break state.
  4. Choose three ‘anchors’ that will become connected, or associated to the resource.
    Visual find a visual image which evokes the feeling of confidence, eg the scene when you did feel confident or a symbolic image of your choice.
    Auditory find a word or phrase and tonality which you can say to yourself that evokes the feeling, eg “I’m feeling confident!”
    Kinaesthetic make a gesture, eg clench fist squeeze fingers, etc
  5. Re-access your chosen resource memory as in step 3. As the desired feeling is increasing, connect your YAK anchors before it reaches peak. Break state.
  6. Repeat step 5 a few times. Then test, by simply firing the anchors and noticing how much the desired resource is felt. It is important during the test to not actively try to bring back the resource memory itself but to simply fire the anchors and notice what happens. If necessary, repeat step 5 again.
  7. Finally, decide what would let you know it would be time to fire the anchor(s). You may like to think of a time in the future when you would have had the old response, and rehearse what happens when you associate into the future event, and then fire your anchor(s).
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