NLP ‘quotes’

  • “People make the best choices they can at any given moment, given their present model of their world?”
  • “Human beings have a peculiar trait; if they find something they do doesn’t work, they do it again!”
  • “If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something different.”
  • “The meaning of any communication is the response that you get. If you’re not getting theresponse, change what you’re doing.”
  • “In any system, including human ones, the element with the widest range of variability will be the one that determines the outcome.”
  • “Keep asking
    • How are you doing that?
    • How do you know?
    • How can you clearly understand the patient’s model of the world, and how it got to be that way.”
  • “Process is more important than content. If you alter the content, change takes for ever.”
  • “Problems have much more to do with process, with the way experience is organised andstructured. If you can change the organising process, you can change outcome more easily,more quickly and more enduringly. Therapy means change.”
  • “To be a good communicator, you need 3 things.
    • First, to know what outcome you want.
    • Second, you need maximum flexibility in your own behaviour.
    • Third, you need to be able to notice, fully and accurately, the responses you are getting?”
  • “Somewhere inside most people are the resources they need to overcome most problems. Therapy locates and then re-locates them.”
  • “Match, link, lead.”
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