Developmental cycle


Question outline

  1. Professional self
        • Why general practice?
        • Tell me about your role in the practice – what role do you undertake?
        • What role do you enjoy most?
        • What do you feel about general practice now?
        • Can you describe the most difficult incident/event in the practice in the last six months?
        • What was your response?
        • How do you think your partners and staff view you?
  2. Future hopes
        • Where do you want to be in five years’ time?
        • Are you on course for achieving this?
        • What do you identify as your personal strengths?
        • Can we identify what forces will hinder your future plans?
        • What forces will act positively on future plans?
        • What do you see as your greatest achievement?
  3. Social self
        • How do you spend your time when not working?
        • How would your best friend describe you?
        • What do you get from your social interests/activities?
        • Do you feel you actively make time for outside interests – or simply use what time is left after work commitments are fulfilled?
        • What do you look for in your relationships with friends?
  4. Personal self
        1. Tell me about the people who most influenced your formative years.
        2. What characterises your own upbringing?
        3. What sort of person would you describe yourself as being?
        4. What events/circumstances do you find most stressful?
        5. Who do you turn to for support?
        6. To whom do you offer support?
  5. Educational experience
        • What has been your most enjoyable educational experience?
        • Why was it enjoyable?
        • Can you give me an example of a negative learning event?
        • What effect might this have had on you?
        • What is your preferred style of learning?
        • What are
              • your strengths in learning?
              • your limitations in learning?
        • In what areas would you like to increase skills and knowledge?
  6. Future plans
        • Can we define 3 objectives for your professional development?
        • Can we clarify learning needs related to these objectives?
        • What would you see as being obstacles to your professional development?
        • What would you see as our future working agenda?
        • Are there other areas of discussion you would like to develop or return to?
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