18 MRS – Professionalism 4: Working with colleagues

Main Scale

The doctor behaves to colleagues in the practice and the primary care team in a way which suggests that he/she neither understands their role nor respects their professionalism. The doctor shows by his/her behaviour toward them that he/ she understands the role responsibilities and professionalism of the other members of the primary care team and the practice.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Has little understanding of this. Attempts to do this but is not yet skilful and sometimes runs into difficulty. Attempts to do this and is usually successful but recognises his/her limitations. Perfect


The doctor works well with:

Rarely Occas
Often Usually
(a) Principals in the practice.
(b) Practice administrative staff.
(c) Practice employed nurses.
(d) Attached health visitor(s).
(e) Attached district nurse(s).
(f) Attached midwife(s).
(g) Associated social workers.
(h) Other health professionals (especially in health centre practice).



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