05 MRS – Physical examination 3: General approach

Main Scale

The doctor tends to fail to expose the part properly, is not always thorough and sometimes does not recheck doubtful findings The doctor is selective in the examination but systematic. The regions/systems/organs examined reflect the history that has been established.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Has little understanding of this. Attempts to do this but is not yet skilful and sometimes runs into difficulty. Attempts to do this and is usually successful but recognises his/her limitations. Perfect


The doctor:

Rarely Occas
Often Usually
(a) Orders the examination systematically.
(b)  Recognises when to extend the systematic examination, if necessary at a specially arranged time.
(c) Makes use of the help of other professionals where necessary.
(d) The doctor is skilful in examination technique.*

Notes for raters

The doctor should be able to show that there is a reason for each item ofexamination and that all items indicated in the history have been examined.

* See appendix B to rate specificskills in examination technique.



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