Life coaching exercise

Pairs – what are you hoping for > flipchart

  • Living in the present
  • What does it mean?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How can we do it?
  • What stops us?
  • How can we begin to do it?

What does it mean? Living in the present

  • Noticing it is a sunny day
  • Going with the flow
  • Not being an “in a minute” person
  • Grab opportunities as they arise
  • Losing inhibitions/constraints > new priorities: what is important to me
  • Getting off the hamster wheel
  • Making positive decisions about plans
  • Visualising the possibility for change
  • Space – time out – time right now
  • No rumination

Touching the feelings

  • Open and receptive
  • let go of the illusion of control, go with the flow
  • Being in the present, noticing yourself and what is around you
  • Seize the moment – values, priorities, fear
  • Moving from how things should be to how things are – “being”
  • Goals nearer to now, not distant
  • What is the real problem, whose problem is it anyway?
  • Making the present perfect
    • Pairs: one thing about your life you don’t like – what’s perfect about that, what’s not perfect about that
      • About being responsible for my feelings
      • Awareness of feelings
      • Acknowledge feelings – don’t need to act on it
      • May have a need that is met in another way
      • Reframing, not focussing on negative
  • Relaxation exercise
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