Synetics was developed in the USA as a creative problem-solving method. It uses many of the approaches already described in this workbook, such as thought-showering and coaching skills. Its unique contribution is in the many creative ways it has devised for playing with problems so as to break out of restricted ways of seeing solutions.

Change the Context
If you were cast away on a desert island with this person, what would happen and how would you resolve it?
Change the Perspective: Describe the situation as if you had just arrived from Mars; describe the meeting as if you were a fly on the wall; how would the tabloid press write about the situation?
Change the Nature of the Ingredients: Describe all the people involved as if they were animals; describe the situation as if it was taking place in a science fiction setting.
Free Association: Describe what other situations this problem reminds you of.
Identify with Other Parties within the Situation: If I was Fred, I would be feeling …… ;

I would be wanting ….. ;

what would make me shift my position would be …… ; etc.


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