Branching logic in Sophies

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I use this, and find it useful where branching of the logic in the protocol is complex.

In most situations the use of repeated Fetch questions, ‘held’ answers, &c can be used to process the same piece of data more than once. But occasionally several criteria identify a certain type of patient, to whom further logic applies later in the protocol only to that group of patients .
I may set a constant with a default value at the start using a Calc


and then alter the constant when the particular patient is identified using another Calc:


A final Calc for the ‘further logic’ thus:


The Sophie returns answers to the Calc questions when it runs, and it looks a bit odd to see ‘2’ on the screen, but it works!

Richard Henderson

Held answers

You can use a held answer within the Graphical Editor by clicking on the properties icon for the question to use the held answer and drag the mouse to the question which contains the held answer. It puts a dotted line from the question to use to the question that contains.

Paul Carnduff

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