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When you save BP data using a 246 code the data is in fact saved using 2469 and 246A for the systolic and diastolic numerics. You don’t see these codes on the surface but that’s the way the numerics are stored on the database. This works fine in SOPHIE so long as you store the BP values using S and D for the ‘held values’. The storage mechanism is quite obvious when you run a report which includes a 246 code and you will find the systolic and diastolic codes appear on separate lines.

The practical way forward is to continue to use the 246 codes in SOPHIE, but don’t use a code to exit the question when you generate the numeric for the systolic – just make sure you use S for the held value. In the very next question use D to hold the value for diastolic AND use a 246 code as the exit code. The SOPHIE will grab the S and D values, put them together under whichever 246 code you want (but actually store them using 2469 and 246A)!!

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