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Instructions for PMA Report

This report is designed to run from the associated sophie. To save opening the notes again in repman, the sophie passes the nhsnumber to the report ( sophie cannot pass patientid for some reason). This information is then passed into the subfolder and the report then prints.

  1. Create a new folder in Repman called PMA, (subtitle “ by Pt NHS Number”)
  2. Extract the first zip file PMA report to the above
  3. If you go into the PMA sub folder (by patient ID) you can edit the title of the first report – this will then appear at the top of your PMA report (e.g  Strensall Medical Practice PMA Report)
  4. In the second report “Consultations in the last year” you may also wish to edit the report format , particularly the section at the bottom.
    • Edit report
    • Edit format
    • Click on text to change
    • Click on “Label” Menu button
    • Edit long label
  5. Extract sophie from PMA sophie to your custom sophie folder
  6. Create user defined readcodes @8R8C Medical Records Complete and @8R8I Medical Records Incomplete
  7. Macro also attached if you want to use it

All the above should work I hope, but if not I will try and answer problems by email!


PMA report zip file


PMA sophie zip file

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