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The hooks editor

From within the Hooks Editor the individual parameters can be set as follows

  • The Hook Type must be “Callback”
  • The Hook Event Name can be either “Add Read Code”, “Save Entry” or LoadPatient . “Add Read Code” is triggered when the read code is entered and every time the note is edited, whereas “Save Entry” is only triggered when the note is first saved.
  • The Event Trigger Value contains a Read Code, and must have 5 characters, padded to the right with dots, for both four and five byte systems.
  • The mode is only useful for triggering in hidden mode for Watchdogs, and is -mH, otherwise the normal mode (-mS )is the default and run when no mode is specified.
  • Any Read Codes in the hooked SOPHIE that are not explicitly put under a particular problem will be put in the problem from which the hooked note was entered. If the hooked note was a problem, then they will be put in that problem.

The runtime parameters that SOPHIE can accept are

-m<H|S> mode hidden or show (defaults to show)
-p<ID> is patient id (defaults to none)
-g<string> is guideline (defaults to none) (prepends path defined in .ini file, if not an explicit path)

An example of the Hook Command is

sophie -p$patientid -gs:meddatas6000guidelinesStopping_smoking_[319].sow

If you don’t use “-p$patientid”, then sophie won’t load the current patient in Clinic. It is best to use guidelines that are on the server, so everyone in the practice can use them.

Steve Speakman

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