Launching a report using a “filter” key

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As well as triggering a report from the Utilities menu you could cut down the number of keystrokes and launch a report via a “filter” key or the right mouse button.

If you hijack a filter key then it is one keystroke. With the right mouse button it is two clicks but less mouse mileage!

Edit the sys6000.ini and the [userbuttons] and [PopupMenu] sections e.g

[userbuttons] button9=C:MEDAPPSS6000S6REPMAN.EXE folder=meditelfp RPN1=PATIENTID RPV1=$patientid

Pressing number 9 on the top row of the keyboard will now trigger the FP report.

[PopupMenu]Item2=full Pt report|C:MEDAPPSS6000S6REPMAN.EXE folder=meditelfp RPN1=PATIENTID RPV1=$patientid

Change the number following ‘button’ or ‘Item’ to suit and of course substitute your report.

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