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Aa simplified definition of current medication is

Not discontinued, and not superseded by something else,

  1. anything issued in 90 days (“medication days” – configurable per staff)
  2. anything “incomplete” starting or last issued in last 2 years

“incomplete” being

authorisation with outstanding issues
authorisation with no number authorised that hasn’t hit the end date yet.

This works for both acute and repeat since these are identical from this point of view, acute is simply number authorised = 1

Simpler still is “anything in last 90 days, and anything unfinished in last 2 years”

Definition of ‘Current Medication’

Some users have been confused by the current medication view. In [S6000] version 1.2, a number of improvements have been made. The following defines the rules of current medication that are used to generate the medication view in Version 1.2.

Acute Medication is current if:

  • It has not been issued and the item was authorised within the last 2 years
  • It has been issued but the issue date is within the user defined current medication days [90 typically]

Repeat Medication is current if:

  • The number authorised is greater than number issued and there is no expiry date set The number authorised is greater than number issued and the expiry date is on or after today
  • The number authorised is zero and there is an expiry date which is on or after today
  • It has expired by either number issued or expiry date but the date of last issue was within the user defined current medication days. Any of the above will not be current unless:
  • The authorised date or last issued date is within the last two years (whichever is later)

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