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The following templates are available for producing Word documents from Synergy as an attachment to a Read code. Quick access by pressing the first(highlighted) letter.

Other templates are available from the Referrals tab – you will be advised by a dialog box if a referral template is available for the referral Read code which you have entered.

Request/referral forms

  • Antenatal referral form
  • Continence clinic referral form
  • Day hospital referral form
  • Echocardiogram request form
  • Hearing aid referral form
  • Physiotherapy referral form


  • Memo re patient (inserts patient name and address)
  • Memo to health visitor (inserts patient name and address)
  • Memo to district nurse (inserts patient name and address)
  • Patient letter (inserts patient name and address)
  • To whom it may concern (inserts patient name and address)

Information sheets

  • Geriatric assessment
  • Insurance report
  • Insurance detail report
  • Medical examination
  • Residential home review
  • Patient summary

Sample S6000 templates

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