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Step Action Notes
Patient sees doctor at surgery with problem requiring minor surgery. Enter the appropriate current problem for the diagnosis. This may be a vague [D] code. When performing minor surgery use WCS minor surgery Sophie.
Minor surgery performed in Casualty. Take top copy of casualty card and pass to practice manager. Computer record updated appropriately using Read code .987C Minor surgery (only to be used for hospital procedures) and casualty card filed by Sheila to await histology report and payment claim.
Patient sees doctor for minor surgical procedure.
  • Doctor tells patient to phone in 2 weeks for histology results, if appropriate.
  • Doctor enters the appropriate Minor surgery read code onto computer  using WCS minor surgery Sophie.
  • If tissue has been sent for histology, this is noted using the Sophie.
Minor surgery read code terms are:

  • .9877 Injection
  • .9878 Aspiration
  • .9879 Incision
  • .987A Excision
  • .9876 Curette/cautery
  • .987B Other (and specify)

These codes can be accessed via the […] button on the read code entry box of Synergy.

Histology result received.
  • Result entered onto computer under the appropriate current problem.
  • Result to doctor who completes action stamp as appropriate and ensures that action taken is recorded.
  • All histology results then sent to Sheila.
Safety net Sheila collates all histology results with monthly histology report:

  • Monthly search to ensure that all results received via report schedule.
  • Check on each result to ensure that action has been taken.
List to Sheila for histology check.
Minor surgery claims
  • Search at beginning of March, June, September and December to check that each doctor has achieved 15 procedures in surgery in line with PMS contract.
Hospital claims for minor surgery monthly by Sheila.
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