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Step Action Notes
Patient sees doctor at surgery with problem requiring ECG
  • Enter @!J2. ECG due code under appropriate current problem (IHD and hypertension Sophies will do this automatically).
  • Tell patient to make ECG appointment at the desk.
Routine ECG appointments are available Thursdays 11.30-2.30
ECG performed
  • Perform ECG
  • Add Read code .3212 Standard ECG under appropriate current problem.
  • Answer ECG due reminder.
  • Email referring doctor with patient number and name
ECG result received by doctor.
  • If required, use ECG Sophie wcs ecg.gdl to add report to patient’s record.
  • Change Read code .3212 Standard ECG to reflect the ECG reading if required using the appropriate .32 Read code.

For hypertension ecg’s add read code as appropriate

  • .3242 ECG: shows LVH
  • .3241 ECG: no LVH
  • Do not use Read code .324
For example:

  • .3216 ECG normal
  • .3217 ECG abnormal
  • .3219 ECG equivocal
  • .3222 ECG shows myocardial ischaemia
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