Katie Law’s poems

Katie Law’s poems from the Torex User Group meeting at Northampton, November 2000.

I presented an intranet lecture and a “demonstration” of macros at the Torex User Group meeting at Northampton, November 2000. The latter was an “interesting” presentation because of a few IT glitches which eventually resulted in the ball falling out of the mouse. Nilesh Jain commented that it proved that software testing before release was a good idea, and Katie Law was inspired to write a poem about the event.
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The talk was going very well
On how to make things easy
Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Were playing with the PC
It then began to fall apart
The Powerpoint was stroppy
The presentation wouldn’t start –
It was trapped inside the floppy.
It was all clear and evident
When Jon sorted out the grouse
Of course the system wouldn’t work
With a poor castrated mouse!

K Law

With the literary stimulation of this event, Katy went on torecord some of the other presentations for posterity…

The Modern Consultation

The encrypted patient walked through the door
Requesting a segment of care
With functioning multiple modalities
She sat in the seamless chair
The data was captured, in windows displayed
Prescribing support was deployed
Knowledge imparted with no unmet needs
Decoded she left, overjoyed.

K Law

They have given me a pad of paper
I think I’m supposed to take notes
What an unusually primitive method
For downloading data to my brain
The novelty of using a pen
Has triggered a pictorial screen
A window of imaged popped up on my file
Are there cookies with the coffee?

K Law


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