Groups and Teams


  • A number of people or things located, gathered, or classed together
  • A common identity that defines the group
  • Members usually interact to share information, best practice, or perspectives and make decisions to help each other perform more effectively within each member’sindividual area of responsibility


  • A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport or two or more people working together
  • Evolved as a specialized group
  • Team members have specialised roles

Group formation

  • No training necessary
  • Some structures in place for meetings
  • Leadership often ad hoc
  • Common vision not necessary
  • Expertise already assumed
  • Solutions are individual

Team formation

  • Training on how to work with a diverse group of people providing systems and structures that support team based work
  • Enlisting an experienced team facilitator or leader
  • Affirming a common vision
  • Developing supportive communication channels
  • Identifying and using appropriate team member expertise
  • Organising a process for controlled convergence on solutions and ensuring there are mechanisms to reward team achievements


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