Why half day release? (HDR)

The purpose of the half day release sessions

  • Networking and mutual support, peer support, the power of the group process and group identity & identity as part of the training scheme
  • The power of ‘Collective Inspiration’
  • Improving education skills & feedback skills – for educators and GPRs (latter may be in former role e.g. presentation skills). Role of modelling/group feedback/trainer involvement/relationships.
  • Efficient use of time & resources (e.g. core skills like cervical cytology)
  • Peer learning:
        • can feel safer >>> increase challenge
        • share vulnerability
        • can improve learning
        • emotional intelligence
        • (challenge of no. of learners/learning styles/cultures of learning)
  • Working in groups/skills for future as GPs
        • Registrars will be functioning in groups in the future –
        • GP work involves teamworking and working well in groups
        • Increased self awareness
  • Value of sharing skills and knowledge
        • Wide variety of levels and perceptions
        • Sharing uncertainty
        • How to put it into practice – rehearsal, trying things out in safe setting
        • Groundwork for more challenging work
  • Establishes prolonged shared learning
        • Allows increase in challenge and increase in depth of learning
        • (can this work with different facilitators?)
  • Developing skills as learners
  • Spin off for scheme:
        • We get to know registrars
        • Easier feedback and forum for organisational stuff e.g. exam


Co-leadership/number of facilitators )
) That’s life –
Small groups/big groups ) use as an
) opportunity
Mixture of levels ST1 to ST3 )

What works

  • Opening doors idea – start with content registrars want, which can then lead through to other areas which we know are important
  • Group forming – make explicit why we do it – very strong value of early group forming events like Fellside and Hawes End
  • Giving group responsibility for organising one/some half day release session(s)
  • Retain some flexibility in program e.g. ‘fuzzy time’
  • Feedback (that is responded to)
  • Enabling GPRs to see wood for the trees & keep focus – intermittent review of process and content
  • Have fun!
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