Objectives of training

Broomhill Health Centre …

Perched sideways on the circular wall bordering the well, in the full blaze of the midday sun, the rover of the distant seas and the fisherman of the lagoon, sharing between them a most surprising secret, had the air of two men conferring in the dark.
(Joseph Conrad ‘The Rover’ 1923)

Something one is trying to achieve or reach or capture (Oxford Dictionary)

  • Engendering enthusiasm
    • by providing high quality care
    • by acknowledging assistant’s successes
    • by accessing interesting material by demonstrating successful process by sharing the mysteries of practice
  • Encouraging curiosity
    • by providing a helpful library
    • by research in all aspects of care by listening to all team members by listening to patients
    • by physical investigation by psychological questioning by social groundwork such as visiting
  • Fostering method
    • by demonstrating benefits to outcome
    • by shared consultation by shared visiting by analysis of video consultations by simulation, gaming, and role play
    • by defining problems
    • by arranging team management by reviewing emergencies
    • by evaluating prevention
    • by demonstrating communication
    • by demonstrating organisation
  • Providing friendship
    • by sharing experience, hopes and fears
    • by being available to each other
    • by trust, acceptance, and flexibility
  • Creating a safe haven
    • by providing good premises
    • by involving sympathetic staff
    • by providing health care team support
    • by adequate de-briefing sessions
    • by confirming social satisfaction
    • by enabling educational support
    • by ensuring supply for needs
  • Planning independence
    • by preparing for an economic career
    • by achieving emotional independence
    • by developing self regulation
    • by developing self direction
    • by developing self evaluation
    • by providing professional autonomy
    • by defining community responsibility
  • Monitoring development
    • by evaluating past curriculum vitae
    • by measuring factual recall
    • by observing knowledge development
    • by assessing skills
    • by evidence that needs are met
  • Assessing outcome
    • by assessing development of knowledge
    • by assessing level of skills
    • by assessing attitudes
  • Providing remedial care
    • by admitting and correcting faults
    • by counselling
    • by arranging independent counselling
    • by alternative training in dispute
    • by re-structuring career in failure
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