The Core Curriculum

The GP curriculum will be competency based, in other words the knowledge, skills, attitudes and expertise will be clearly spelt out. The curriculum content has to cover both generic professional competencies, the qualities that are expected from all doctors (such as those that appear inGood Medical Practice) and those competencies that are specific to the speciality of general practice.

The Core GP skills are :

  • Primary Care Management
    This is managing the primary contact with patients : dealing with unselected problems; co-ordinating care; effective health service utilisation.
  • Person-Centred Care
    An effective doctor-patient relationship.
  • Specific GP Problem-Solving Skills
    Selective history taking, physical examination, and investigations leading to an appropriate management plan.
  • A Comprehensive Approach
    Managing simultaneously multiple complaints and pathologies, both acute and chronic health problems in the individual; applying health promotion and disease prevention strategies.
  • Community Orientation
    Reconciling the health needs of individual patients and the health needs of the community in which they live, in balance with available resources.
  • A Holistic Approach
    Taking into account clinical factors, but also any psychological, social, economic or cultural factors that are important.

Applying core skills

In applying these core skills in family medicine, three features are important :

  1. Contextual Aspects of Care
    The environment in which doctors work : working conditions, community, culture, financial and regulatory frameworks; the impact of workload and the practice facilities.
  2. Attitudinal Aspects of Care
    Doctors’ awareness of their own attitudes and capabilities; ethical aspects of clinical practice; achieving a good balance between work and private life.
  3. Scientific Aspects of Care
    Adopting a critical and research-based approach to practice and maintaining this through continuing learning and quality improvement.


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