Snakes and Ladders


Exploring the routes to continuing education

Stage of development

End of Half-day release sessions


Felt pens – lots of colours


You are going to draw your life’s Route-Map in pictures, representing major aspects of influence, both positive (ladders) and negative (snakes).
You will include a picture of yourself (self-portrait).When you have finished, you will present your artistry to the group with a full explanation. You will, of course, carry out your presentation in the style of the person you represent.These colourful and informative presentations will come from:

[ ] A senior partner

[ ] An alternative practitioner (physician to the now ageing Prince of Wales perhaps?)

[ ] A GP in totally private practice

[ ] A writer/journalist doctor

[ ] A political doctor with a high profile (MP? GMC?)

[ ] A professor of general practice

[ ] A Scheme Organiser or Associate Director in GP education

[ ] A GP on the board of the Regional Health Authority

[ ] A morning TV doctor[ ]

The president of the RCGP

[ ] The chairman of the board of nMRCGP examiners

[ ]

[ ]

Please represent the person marked. You have 15 minutes to prepare your presentation…

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