You really did it this time, Mabel!


difficulty initiating conversation
social interaction
difficulty being uninhibited
group involvement
interrupting – “how did you feel?”
difficult “heartsink” patients – consultation skills

Stage of development

stable group




  • Circle with volunteer in centre
Cohesion + self-confidence
  • The player ‘A’ in the centre is a neutral person. He is not able to speak until spoken to and will be a partner in any scene which another player wishes to involve him in.
  • Player ‘B’ with a situation in mind, puts hand on A’s shoulder and says “You really did it this time Mabel…” and follows it up with eg” you broke Edna’s brassiere”
  • A replies in a way he wishes and they enter into dialogue
Creative thinking
spontaneous verbal interaction
  • Players must not negate statements eg “Edna’s only two years old”
  • At some point C taps B on shoulder “and you really did it this time Mabel”
Why interrupt at that point?
  • A rejoins circle and B becomes neutral
  • Group responsible for flow of ideas and action
Add new ideas if losing impetus


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