Giving feedback


The Process of Giving Feedback (This process can be applied to Trainers and Trainees)

This page should be used in conjunction with the “Anatomy of the Tutorial

The process

This is an attempt to identify the style in which feedback should be given, while following the “agenda” of the tutorial

  1. Ascertain the trainee’s feelings about the consulting session. Ask the trainee to identify the good points of the consultation
  2. Reaffirm these good points as appropriate
  3. Ask the trainee to identify the bad points of the consultation
  4. Reassure the trainee, as appropriate, On his identified bad points (NE Trainers tend to be over self-critical)
  5. Return to the bad points of the consultation, as identified by the trainee, and then ask him to identify strategies for improving these bad points.
  6. Cover the bad points that you have perceived.
  7. Not all trainee perceived problems can be covered in a single feedback session. Try and identify the main ones, flag the main ones and keep moving.
  8. Use examples of fact, ie practical examples from the consultation.
  9. Use time effectively.
  10. Always try and get the trainee to suggest some solutions to his problems.
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