Using VAK representational systems in teaching


Minimal cues

  • The use of yourself and your body movements
  • Utilising the visual display opportunities above eye level within the room
  • Video, OHP, slides, flip chart, coloured board markers or chalks
  • Lively and engaging textbooks
  • Memory-mapping, collage and visual note-taking tools
  • Keywords displayed around the room
  • Paired and group discussions, group reviews
  • Guest speakers
  • Mini-debates
  • Raps, rhyme, chants & verse, dramatic readings
  • Tape, sound-bites
  • Mnemonics, onomatopoeia
  • Music for energising, relaxing, visualising and review
  • Body sculpture, mime
  • Gestures or movements learned to demonstrate a concept
  • Break-state activities
  • Design and build activities
  • Field trips and visits
  • Physical movement -eg., Brownian Motion illustrated by students bumping together in a confined space; maps drawn on hard play areas to help learn countries and trade routes
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