Teaching skills


  1. Exposition:
    Explaining, describing and narrating
  2. Questioning:
    • Distributing and directing questions; probing (follow up) and prompting questions;
    • Recall questions; Clarifying, analytic, creative and evaluative questions;
    • Styles of questioning
      • Listening: Identifying main points; Identifying links to other aspects of topics; Identifying implications and identifying flaws
      • Reinforcing: Praise; encouragement; neutrality; silence and discouragement
      • Reacting: Echoing statements made, paraphrasing using trainee’s ideas to build on;
      • Evaluating the trainee’s ideas;
      • Raising problems that arise from those ideas;
      • Moving the discussion on
  3. Summarising:
    • Summarising main views, processes used or points made;
    • Pointing to the links within the discussion and between the topic discussed and other topics
  4. Preparing:
    • Identifying crucial questions, useful problems or cases; (content)
    • Specifying aims of the session;
    • Choosing appropriate method;
    • Assessing approaches(es) used


    1. Preparing trainee to discuss;
    2. Pre-session preparation; (trainee)
    3. Providing practice in discussion
  5. Group process:
    • Identifying patterns of interaction;
    • Interring feelings and attitudes from observable behaviour – assessing those inferences;
    • Identifying shifts in perception, attitudes and feelings;
    • Identifying and modifying trainee and group norms
  6. Leadership:
    1. Creating and maintaining the relationship;
    2. Choosing appropriate skills and strategies
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