Task-based learning

Principles of Task Based Learning

  • Experiential learning: on-the-job
  • Situated learning: apprenticeship
  • Action and reflection
  • Integration of theory and practice
  • Education and training: how and why
  • Theories-in-use: actions based on beliefs and assumptions
  • Mental models as a structure for learning
  • Motivation: because of relevance
  • Achievable staged learning

Determining educational needs

  • Core or optional objectives?
  • Objectives in the knowledge, skills or attitudes domain?
  • Objectives subject-specific or general (transferable skills)?

Implementing TBL

  • Define aims and objectives
  • Specify the task
    • Access to the task
    • How does the task provide a good focus for learning?
      • Specific KSA
      • General principles of topic
      • Basic understanding of topic
      • Generic/transferable skills

    What is the context of the education and training?

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