Random Case Analysis – type of questions

Probing Questions

  1. Management
    • I see that you prescribed drug for this patient: what were your thoughts regarding this choice of medication?
    • Were there other drugs which you considered and ruled out?
    • What factors influenced this decision?
  2. Diagnostic
    • What specific features led you to the diagnosis of …?
    • Were there any other conditions you ruled out? How?
  3. Investigative
    • What approach did you choose for investigation?
    • Were there other investigations which you considered and deferred or ruled out?
    • What were your thoughts regarding these choices?
  4. Patient Factors
    • Was there anything unique about this patient which influenced your decision-making?
  5. Practice
    • Is there anything unique to the practice which influenced the way you managed this patient?
  6. Follow-up
    • What influenced your choice of follow-up time?

Reference: Jennett: Chart stimulated recall. Educ Gen Pract, 1995, 6, 30-34

Random case analysis proforma


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