Cognitive Psychology in Education


  • Helping trainees to motivate themselves to learn.
  • How to deal with lack of motivation?

  • How effective am I as a teacher?
  • What is a good teacher/bad teacher?
  • What is a good learner/bad learner?


  • Risk-taking
  • Temporary incompetence
  • Safety
  • “Who to be” in the relationship

Counselling needs

  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Empathy= Risk-taking
  • Genuineness = Risk-taking
  • Concreteness (“here and now”))


  • What is the trainee’s objective?
  • Attribution – attributing failings to others
  • “What are my objectives for what I am about to say?”
  • Learned helplessness
  • Does problem-solving result in solutions? If not, change
  • the problem!

Force field analysis

Restraining forces vs driving forces

More onforce field analysis

Problem solving

The more concepts and attributes you have, the more complicated the problem. Negative values are important.

Focusing Scanning / / Conservative Gambling Successive Simultaneous (eg: computers)

Leadership Task leader “Follow me”
Social leader “You will not be diminished, hurt…”
Skills of a social leader are at this level
Concept: Define adult learning style – use this as a springboard to development.

I like myself (self-esteem)

…To have self-esteem, I need to have achieved something.

No insight
Unaware of effect of actions on people around them > put-down without realising.
No interest
Will not take on board a teaching method which you can show would be useful.
No response to emotional cues eg: worried patients.
Putting emphasis on positive feedback when negative feedback expected. “I need to be encouraged to value myself”.
Showing an active interest in a topic. “Kids won’t work for teachers they don’t like”. “I’ve discovered people get on with me better”.

Concept: What am I NOT doing?
Challenge = task, workplace objective
Support = roles/activities of trainer
Comfortable UnconfidentConfident > Invitation to become > Uncomfortable SafeUnsafe


PROBLEM > data > predictive system > net advantage
PROBLEM > data > evaluative system > risk taking (value driven)

Different trainers have different value clusters – what are mine?

Change management

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