Adult learners

Adult learners are people

  • who have a good deal of first hand experience
  • who have set habits and strong tastes
  • who have some amount of pride
  • who have tangible things to lose
  • who have developed a reflex towards authority
  • who have decisions to make and problems to solve
  • who have a great many preoccupations outside a particular learning situation
  • who are bewildered often by their options
  • who have developed group behaviours consistent with their needs
  • who have established emotional frameworks consisting of values, attitudes, and tendencies
  • who are supposed to appear in control and who therefore display restricted emotional response (unless they feel very safe) who have strong feelings about learning situations
  • who are secretly afraid of falling behind and being replaced
  • who skip certain basics
  • who perhaps more than once have found the foundations of their lives stripped away
  • who can change
  • who have a past
  • who have ideas to contribute

Source: Davis, L.N. & McCallon, E: Planning, conducting & evaluating workshops – A practitioner’s guide to adult education learning concepts, Austin, Texas, 1974.


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