VAK and accessing minimal cues


Representational system Physiology Language
  • eye movements upwards
  • breathing high in the chest
  • high pitched tonality
  • shallow breathing
  • accesses information by looking up
  • ‘I see what you mean’
  • ‘That looks good’
    ‘Can you imagine this?’
  • ‘Picture yourself…’
  • ‘How does this look?’
  • eye movements level
  • even breathing in diaphragm
  • clear, resonant tonality
  • even muscle tension
  • accesses information with head tilted
  • ‘I hear you’
  • ‘Sounds good to me’
  • ‘That rings a bell’
  • ‘Something tells me’
  • ‘How does this sound?’
  • eye movement downwards
  • deep, low breathing in stomach area
  • voice is more breathy
  • lots of movement
  • accesses information whilst looking down
  • ‘It doesn’t feel right’
  • ‘Can you grasp this?’
  • ‘I’m not in touch with…’
  • ‘Change your standpoint’
  • ‘I’m up against it’
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