Motivating People


Write down your thoughts in response to the following:

  • what motivated or inspired when I was a learner was….
  •  what inhibited or demotivated me as a learner was…

Share in pairs

Key issues: motivating factors

  • Enthusiastic teacher, good clinician
  • A good laugh
  • Made to feel welcome; treated with respect
  • Learning seen as relevant, pitched at the right level
  • Structure evidence of planning and effort
  • Being actively involved
  • Rewards: being equipped for exams and/or real world of practice; positive feedback
  • Expectations, eg having to prepare something

The learning environment

  • Establishing a conducive learning environment is crucial
  • Don’t underestimate the affective dimensions of learning

What are attitudes?

  • “A settled opinion, or way of thinking” Concise Oxford Dictionary
  • Attitudes are constructs – we can only infer them from a person’s behaviour
  • They are attributes of personality, but are complex and dynamic


Influences on attitudes include….

  • Desire to please
  • Political correctness
  • Peer group pressure
  • Ambivalence, uncertainty
  • Lack of self-awareness or insight
  • Psychological stressors

The hidden curriculum

In any learning situation there are 3 curricula in action:

  • the intended curriculum
  • the delivered curriculum
  • the learnt curriculum

Role models

  • Many studies have looked at attributes of positive role models > consistent findings.
  • An important factor in shaping values, beliefs attitudes and ethics.
  • Also a strong influence on career choice.

Exploring attitudes when dealing with problems

Use of SOAP system:

  • Subjective: what’s the feeling
  • Objective: what’s the evidence
  • Assessment
  • Plan
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