Video allergy


  • Initial anxiety
  • Preoccupation with self-image
  1. Encourage group to describe previous exposure to videotaping and their reaction to it.
    Facilitate negative feelings to assist in ventilation of true feelings. (Use flipchart)
  2. Gradually introduce positive attributes of video:
    • 2-way interchange
    • Give trainee control of video
    • Trainer as facilitator
  3. Role play one of the video consultations (no more than 4-5min).
  4. Replay the consultation on video:
    • Allow trainee to express feelings about initial reactions
    • Anxiety is normal but temporary
    • Verbal/non-verbal/body image
    • Distorting effect of video (eg poor clarity of detail)
    • Reinforce positive aspects of patient’s behaviour
    • Positively reinforce evident skills
    • Allow trainee further chance to mention their feelings
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