Your coil is a small plastic device which fits inside the womb to prevent pregnancy.
Please make an appointment for a coil check at the surgery in 6 weeks. After this, we will send you an appointment every year for a further check.

Your coil should be changed after 5 years

How is it fitted?

The coil is inserted through the neck of the womb - this only takes a few seconds, and feels similar to having a cervical smear. It is sometimes a little uncomfortable, but not painful. Once the coil is fitted, it works straight away. It cannot be moved by sexual intercourse nor any physical activity. You can use internal tampons as before. After the coil is fitted, you may feel cramps similar to period pains for a day or two. This is because the coil is settling down inside the womb. Paracetamol is effective in relieving the discomfort.

Can I check my coil?

You might wish to check your coil after each period. You can feel the threads of the coil high up in the vagina - if you can't feel the threads you should contact your doctor: Your partner should not be able to feel the threads during sexual intercourse.

Are there any problems?

After your coil is fitted, your first one or two periods might be heavier or longer, and your period pains might be worse - however, these problems usually settle. If you develop an abnormal discharge after the coil is fitted you should contact your doctor.

If I want another baby?

Your coil can be easily removed (Do not attempt this yourself!) and you can try for a pregnancy straight away. If you are at all worried about your coil, please phone the surgery (Berwick 306634) and ask to speak to your doctor or the practice nurse.

It is important to come for your check-ups - if you are unable to attend please phone the surgery for an alternative appointment.