As well as a healthy eating plan you need insulin to treat your diabetes. Insulin allows the sugar that your body makes from some foods to be used as energy. Insulin can only be given by injection, as your stomach juices would destroy the insulin if you took it by mouth Insulin is free on prescription for people with diabetes.

Where does insulin come from?

Insulin comes from two sources Humulin insulin does not come from people. It is made in a laboratory by a process called biosynthesis or genetic engineering. Sometimes it is produced by modifying pork insulin. Animal insulin is extracted from pork or beef pancreas cells and then purified.

What types of insulin are there?

The right insulin (so for you will depend on your lifestyle and how many injections you have each day. You can discuss this with your diabetes care team. How much insulin you need will depend on several things including your body weight and build, how active you are and what you eat, your general health and your emotional state.

It is important that you know the name of the insulin(s) that you are taking.

How is insulin given?

How do I inject my insulin?

Your diabetes specialist nurse will give you detailed help and support when you are first learning to inject insulin.

What else do I need to know?

Pen devices

Regular blood glucose monitoring helps you know if you need to make adjustments to your insulin dose.